Embark on a journey where your wedding marks the beginning of cherished memories, family gatherings, and enduring love. Amidst the excitement, you're confronted with a daunting reality—4,724 decisions await between the exhilarating "YES" and the momentous "I DO." Overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of considerations, you find yourself in need of more than just a planner. You crave a guiding light, a calm and collected presence to navigate the intricate details of your special day.

Charming Carolina's comprehensive collection caters to both private estate and tented weddings, providing specialized phase-based planning, design, and management. Our phase-based planning approach allows us to customize the planning process to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Our full-service planning and design method for tented weddings is tailored to the unique challenges of building a venue from scratch. From site evaluation and tent selection to permit applications, floor plans, and awe-inspiring celebrations, this offering ensures the seamless execution of every element for an unforgettable wedding experience.

Additionally, our collection extends to weddings at established venues, offering a full-service planning and design package. Ideal for those seeking end-to-end planning, we assemble a dream team of vendors, craft a signature design plan aligned with your venue and preferences, attend planning meetings, and flawlessly execute the event, allowing couples to savor their celebration as guests.

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Tailored for couples who prefer to mostly plan and design their own wedding while managing their vendors, this collection becomes invaluable in the months leading up to the wedding weekend. In this package, we assume responsibility for vendor communication, craft a detailed wedding day timeline, oversee the rehearsal and wedding, and more, allowing you to fully relish the final months of your engagement.

Please note that this offering is exclusive to weddings held at established venues and has limited availability during peak wedding season.

Full-Service Planning & Design

Event Management

because wedding planning doesn't HAVE to be stressful...

Our goal is to be your trusted partner, no. 1 advocate, and biggest cheerleader, seamlessly guiding you through the entire planning process! should be fun! With our expertise and tailored approach, let us be your steadfast companion, gently nudging you back on course as we craft a celebration that captures the essence of your love story. Our goal is to streamline the planning process, allowing you to savor every moment of this extraordinary chapter in your life. By attentively listening to your needs and desires, we ensure that every detail of your unique story, style, and cultural preferences is artfully woven into the fabric of your celebration.

Crafting Love's Celebration: Your Journey Begins Here

At Charming Carolina Events and Weddings, we deliver a white-glove experience to couples seeking the very best in planning, design, coordination, and event management. We believe every couple deserves an exceptionally planned and thoughtfully designed celebration that reflects their unique style!

Your wedding is a unique reflection of your love story. We specialize in tailoring each event to the couple, ensuring that your celebration is a true representation of your personality, style, and love.

With years of experience in the industry, We have established strong relationships with top-notch vendors. This not only guarantees the quality of services but often comes with added perks and seamless collaboration.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Charming Carolina is here to handle the details, troubleshoot any challenges, and ensure a smooth planning journey, allowing you to savor every moment leading up to your big day.

Whether you have a clear vision or need assistance defining your style, we bring creativity and innovation to your wedding design. From the overall aesthetic to the tiniest details, your celebration will be a work of art.

Communication is at the heart of successful planning. Charming Carolina prioritizes transparent and open communication, keeping you informed, addressing any concerns promptly, and ensuring that your preferences are always considered.

our commitment to your unique celebration

Choosing Charming Carolina means embarking on a transformative experience, where your love story is elevated to new heights and cherished memories are woven into the fabric of your celebration. Each wedding is treated with the personalized attention and care it deserves. Trust us to be your unwavering allies, dedicated to ensuring that your special day surpasses all expectations and becomes an unforgettable testament to your love and commitment.

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Embark on your wedding planning journey with confidence through our 1:1 Virtual Power Planning session, your secret weapon to a stress-free experience. Newly engaged couples often encounter scattered planning and unexpected expenses, but with a seasoned wedding planning team, you can avoid pitfalls and save on vendor deposits. Here's why you should book your session now: We provide tailored guidance to identify your wedding priorities, demystify wedding costs for budget mastery, and offer strategies for disaster prevention to keep your special day on track. We help you create a guest list you'll love, boost your confidence by answering all your questions, and provide exclusive resources like personalized checklists and planning templates. Don't miss out on this opportunity to kick off your wedding planning journey right – book your 1:1 Virtual Power Planning session today for professional guidance and insider expertise.

virtual power planning

tailored experience

vendor relationships

stress-free planning

creative design

transparent communication

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corporate & social events

From corporate events to milestone celebrations and fundraisers, Charming Carolina Events and Weddings will ensure that you have a measurable return on your investment while remaining true to your brand and aesthetic. Let Charming Carolina help you create a unique event experience by finding the correct venue, setting, activities and new trends that will have your guest talk about it for months to come. Our goal is to create an event that reflects your organization or business’s brand, message & overall tone by using a strategic, fresh approach.

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Customize your event from a list of our most popular services:

Consultation & Needs Assessment
Budget Development & Management
Concept & Theme Development
Timeline Development & Management
Vendor Research & Appointment Set Up
Location Scouting
Hotel/Accommodation Booking
Contract Negotiation & Management
Vendor Bookings & Management
Onsite Registration
Staff Recruitment & Management
Invitation Design & Mailings
Guest Tracker & RSVP Management
Media Outreach
Social Media Marketing
Event Design & Installation